Article Written by Mike Holland

Strategic alliances have been a regular part of business for a long time. The coming together of two great organizations in a way that compliments the goals of both is not uncommon. We see this many times in our daily life. Starbucks and Chapters, Apple and IBM, and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola just to name a few. When two organizations come together to share strengths, resources, and new opportunities, well as the old saying goes, “the incoming tide rises the boats in the harbour”.

That’s why we at the CWTF are proud to announce a strategic partnership with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) for the purpose of “Having a great impact on the conservation of the wild turkey as well as the preservation of the hunting heritage in North America”. That’s according to George Thornton, the NWTF’s CEO.

The two organizations, although different in many ways, share a common ideal of making the woods, the water and the air a better place for all the wildlife that calls the great outdoors home. Thornton also says, “Being such close neighbours with many shared natural resources, this agreement will ensure wild turkey populations prosper on both sides of the border”. The CWTF is only three years old but has already participated in, or sponsored events in many provinces. The CWTF is also committed to creating opportunities to introduce new and young hunters to our outdoor lifestyle. The NWTF has over a generation of research and science supporting best practices for proper habitat management. They have also pioneered methods that have grown the wild turkey population from the brink of extinction and have much to share as it relates to translating that work north of the border in Canada.

Terry Smith and Mike Holland – co-founders of the CWTF – were very involved as NWTF District Directors in years gone by. They know first hand about the good work that the NWTF does. Both have learned that creating and enhancing wild turkey hunting opportunities and habitat takes a lot of work and welcome being able to access over forty years of experience from the NWTF. Smith has said, “My passion is to create wild turkey hunting opportunities throughout the entire country of Canada”. He goes on to say that, “Someday we will look back to the humble beginnings of the CWTF and realize that we were a part of making history in the conservation world, much like the NWTF did many years ago”.

CWTF brings a lot to the table in this alliance as well. With different habitats and climates than in the U.S., the NWTF stands to broaden their base of knowledge as it relates to creating habitat enhancements and hunting opportunities. As the NWTF has been established for so long, it is always a good thing to look over the shoulder of a younger organization as they explore and discover new ways to make a difference.

Make no mistake, the CWTF and NWTF are two totally separate organizations that conduct their business in many different ways. This is not a merger or an acquisition, but rather a ground-breaking cross border collaboration for the worthy ideal of wild turkey, wildlife and habitat conservation. The hunting and outdoor industry is not without its critics so to have the opportunity to celebrate the coming together, and the synergy of two like minded groups shows a solidarity and a unification where the wildlife is the winner.

As the CWTF enters its fourth year of operation, we ask you to join us in celebrating the desire to work together with the NWTF. Roll up your sleeves and get involved so that when one day hunters who are not even born yet head to the woods to hunt wild turkeys and enjoy the outdoors, you will know that you played a role in making that happen!